•     Barry Lopez – Part One

Barry Lopez left us with so many gifts—messages from the road, stories that help—written beautifully by a cultural bridge, a runner who risked his life out there on the edge and returned over and over to craft a stirring tale. Barry alarmed us and gave us hope us with Arctic Dreams, Of Wolves and Men, The Rediscovery of North America and Horizon. Join project director Toby McLeod for our first Audio Archive, a 2011 conversation with friend and advisor, the late Barry Lopez (1945-2020).

In Part One of this two-part podcast, Barry reflects on deep listening, the meaning of sacred lands, and the importance of maintaining an ongoing conversation with the Earth. For more information visit Barry’s website.

This episode was produced and written by Hannah Wilton and Toby McLeod, edited by Callie Shanafelt Wong and recorded by Isaac Butler-Brown at Dirt Studios.

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