March 7 is the last day the State Department will accept comments on the final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. This is the last step before President Obama makes his decision in the next few months.The pipeline would be a body blow to the U.S. effort to curb global climate change, is destroying First Nations’ sacred sites in Canada and endangering human health.

Tar sands mining in Alberta to feed the proposed Keystone Pipeline clears boreal forest and then produces lakes of toxic sludge, deformed fish and health problems, including unusual cancers.

As our new film Profit and Loss shows, Alberta, Canada, is suffering from vast tar sands stripmining and boreal forest clearcutting to feed this pipeline. Tar sands refining and burning of natural gas is polluting the air, and oil production consumes huge quantities of water. Giant toxic holding ponds kill migrating birds and pollute watersheds, harming native communities.

Please write President Obama and the State Department (via opposing Keystone. It would move 830,000 barrels of crude per day and will decimate the boreal forest and exacerbate the harm to Alberta’s First Nations people. This is your last chance to take a stand. You can also send a comment via CREDO.