On March 27, we will show Pilgrims and Tourists at the David Brower Center in Berkeley with a VIP reception for special guests Winnemem Wintu Chief Caleen Sisk and Danil Mamyev, Founder of Uch Enmek Nature Park, Altai Republic, Russia. Last summer, Caleen visited Danil in Altai to gather water to bring home to her sacred spring on Mt. Shasta in California. Our March meeting will strengthen the global alliance of sacred land guardians that we are nurturing with our Standing on Sacred Ground distribution campaign.

This upcoming event is a benefit being organized with our longtime partners, The Altai Project and Snow Leopard Conservancy to support Danil and Caleen’s work protecting sacred sites in Altai and Winnemem country. Our thanks to Don Weeden and the Weeden Foundation for supporting this work for many years.

Please join us for the special reception prior to the film screening.

Click here for ticket information.