On Wednesday, August 20 at 6pm, I Ola Kanaloa will be screening our film segment on Kanaloa Kaho`olawe at the Hawai`i State Capitol, to launch the presentation and discussion of a new draft Strategic Plan for Kanaloa Kaho`olawe. The 15-year plan focuses on ecological and spiritual healing of the sacred island after 50 years of military test bombing. The strategic plan was developed after discussion at 15 community meetings on all eight Hawaiian islands in 2013. We are honored to be part of this process.

Other screenings are planned on Oahu and Kaua`i on Aug 20-21. Check out the I Ola Kanaloa website to find out more about the strategic plan and upcoming screenings. We hope our many friends in Hawai`i can attend a screening and contribute to this visionary, collaborative plan.