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enter site At the Sacred Land Film Project, we realize that the challenges facing the people in Standing on Sacred Ground might leave you with a sense of hopelessness. We do not feel hopeless. The people working on these and related issues are making progress and, through groups like Idle No More, are setting an inspiring example for all of us.

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Help Stop the Raising of Shasta Dam

Buying Ambien Online Right now, the Winnemem Wintu need your active support to fight legislation that would allow Shasta Dam to be raised. This would drown many of their last remaining sacred places and traditional homelands.

Write to Senator Feinstein

Ambien Online Overnight Delivery Mailed letters still carry great weight on Capitol Hill. Please write your own letter or copy the letter below, paste it onto Can I Buy Zolpidem Online your own letterhead and mail to:

go Senator Dianne Feinstein follow url 331 Hart Senate Office Building go to site Washington, DC  20510

follow If you prefer to email, click Online Zolpidem here to go to Senator Feinstein website where you can also paste in the letter. Click here for a downloadable pdf of the letter and here for a Word document.

see url LETTER TO COPY AND PASTE TO MAIL TO SENATOR Feinstein Senator Dianne Feinstein Ambien Online Paypal 331 Hart Senate Office Building follow site Washington, DC  20510

Can I Buy Ambien Online Legally

Ordering Ambien Online Re: Shasta Dam Raise and the Winnemem Wintu Tribe Dear Senator Feinstein:

get link Please do not authorize or fund the raising of Shasta Dam by 18.5 feet.

Order Zolpidem Overnight The dam raise would flood most of the remaining homelands of the Winnemem Wintu, people who retain strong connections to ceremonial grounds, sacred sites and ancestral villages along the McCloud River. This tribe has suffered enough from the existing dam. Their traditional way of life depends on the river and the Winnemem culture is a critical thread in the fabric of our society. Let’s not destroy this tribe for an unnecessary and expensive construction project.

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go to link Raising the dam would cost the public hundreds of millions of dollars to yield—in high-water years only—a small amount of very expensive water for a handful of beneficiaries. The Shasta reservoir rarely fills now, at the dam’s current height. There are surer, cheaper, faster alternatives, including conservation and efficiency, underground storage and recycling, to provide the needed water. This project will hurt the endangered salmon it is supposed to help. We should not use 20th century technology to address 21st century challenges.

here Nor should we further enrich the Westlands Water District with taxpayer subsidized water they can sell for a profit.

go to site Finally, McCloud River is protected under California’s Wild and Scenic Rivers Act. Further flooding of the free-flowing McCloud would violate the Act and set a dangerous precedent for all our rivers.

go here Yours truly,

click here Here are some suggestions for what you can do to make a difference. There is hope and healing in action.