In the Light of Reverence Teacher’s Guide

You can download our 48-page In the Light of Reverence Teacher’s Guide, published in November 2002. The Teacher’s Guide contains 23 activities in Social Studies, the Environment and Language Arts. The guide contains additional resources for teachers and students plus a complete bibliography. We have also produced a 92-page collection of supporting essays, The Sacred Land Reader, is downloadable for free — just click on the images below.

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To obtain a bound copy of the Teacher’s Guide please call Bullfrog Films at 800-543-3764. One copy of the guide comes free to educational institutions with purchase of the film. You can also purchase guides for $5 per copy plus postage. (One copy is $9 including postage.)To accompany the Teacher’s Guide we have also produced The Sacred Land Reader, which contains six in-depth essays on sacred places, and is intended to allow students to go into greater depth on this complex issue. The central essay is by U.C.L.A. anthropologist Peter Nabokov, and was written to provide additional historical and anthropological depth for teachers using In the Light of Reverence. The 92-page Reader is downloadable for free (click on title above for details), but does not exist in printed form at this time. We encourage you to check it out.