The Sacred Land Reader

The Sacred Land Reader, a companion to the SLFP film In the Light of Reverence, is available as a PDF download (92 pages), with six essays, lots of photos and several bibliographies for further reading. Send your feedback to us as we will be expanding the online version in the future, and hope to raise the money to print the essays as a book as well.

Teachers should check out our 48-page In the Light of Reverence Teacher’s Guide, which contains 23 activities in Social Studies, the Environment and Language Arts and is also downloadable for free (click on title above for details).

Thanks for your interest!

Feel free to download these important essays on sacred lands as well!


Foreword—When Every Place Is Sacred
by Christopher McLeod

Sacred Lands and Religious Freedom
by Vine Deloria, Jr.

Sacred Places of Native America:
A Primer to Accompany the Film
In the Light Of Reverence

by Peter Nabokov

Wintu Sacred Geography
by Dorothea Theodoratus and Frank LaPena

Managing Hopi Sacred Sites
to Protect Religious Freedom

by Leigh Kuwanwisiwma, Kurt E. Dongoske and T.J. Ferguson

Freedom, Law, and Prophecy:
A Brief History of Native American Religious Resistance

by Lee Irwin