Activist, Environmental and Social Justice Organizations


Terralingua has two basic purposes. First, to promote the investigation of the links between biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity, as well as the adoption of an integrated biocultural perspective on the perpetuation, maintenance and revitalization of diversity on Earth. We think that a better understanding of diversity will be gained through interdisciplinary research and applied work involving people from a wide range of fields, backgrounds, and ethnic origins. We seek to build bridges and synergies between groups and individuals working in support of the world’s diverse peoples and their languages and cultures and those working to conserve species and ecosystems. We particularly wish to reach out to community-based groups and individuals working on “the front lines,” to establish the partnerships that are at the heart of Terralingua’s vision. We serve as a rallying point for those who share our beliefs and who want to join us in taking action.

Terralingua’s second purpose is to foster the perpetuation of the world’s linguistic diversity in all its forms, regardless of political, demographic, or linguistic status, and to promote respect for linguistic human rights. Our emphasis is on supporting and maintaining language diversity as a whole and fostering the resilience of bioculturally diverse regions rather than on language endangerment per se or documentation of specific endangered languages.