We Can Save the West Berkeley Shellmound

Ambien Online Australia After a two-year battle, developers have withdrawn their plans to build a 5-story condo complex at the West Berkeley Shellmound. We are not calling this a “victory” because the land owners say they’ll try to move ahead—but now is the time to advance another vision for the site.


Propaganda vs. Facts at West Berkeley Shellmound

https://www.caitlinsmith.com/home/km2a9cvha An expensive public relations campaign cannot obscure the fact that an important cultural landscape and designated historic landmark — a sacred site — still graces Berkeley where Strawberry Creek once flowed into the bay and a 5,000 year-old Ohlone village built a massive mound of shells and revered ancestors.


Assault Begins on West Berkeley Shellmound Site

Order Ambien Online Legally The Ohlone campaign to protect the West Berkeley Shellmound and Village Site suffered a setback last week as the developer invoked a new state law that takes control of housing project approval away from local zoning boards and requires over-the-counter rubber stamp approval by planning departments.

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